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The vision of the Boise WiFi Network was to design, build and deploy a simple "ultra fast', "high speed", "wireless broadband" Internet access network available throughout Boise Idaho and surrounding areas of the Treasure Valley.

The Boise WiFi Network utilizes a hybrid of innovative technologies and designs incorporating fiber, copper, point to point, point to multipoint, switches, routers, access points, radios, antennas and other equipment to accomplish this.

Recognizing the high demand for a faster, affordable Internet service; BoiseWifi's challenge was to provide a much faster network for less; and in most cases, can provides at least twice as much for less. The Internet has changed everything and consumers are looking for an Internet service that will provide the speed, quality of service and capacity to meet their needs and budget. To most users, their Internet, the Internet they know and use, is "WiFi". Thus the name, BoiseWiFi.

BoiseWiFi's typical Internet customers not only need faster download speeds but also much higher upload speeds and way more capacity at a fair price to operate all of their connected devices. It's not just for when you are at home or at work but everywhere else you go. The Internet is now the main interface and connection to almost everything we do. WiFi is now how almost every device connects to the Internet. BoiseWiFi can be your preferred connection point  providing Internet everywhere you go. The BoiseWiFi network also targets the places you go and is working hard to set up and extend your network access availabilty in those locations as well. Public areas, restaurants, shopping centers, business parks, hospitals, offices, hotels, schools, churches, campuses and neighborhoods.         

The BoiseWiFi Network is "on" and has begun "lighting up" customers in "Zone One" which covers the areas shown on "Map One" below.
This zone broadcasts from the Table Rock plateau, which is 1100 feet above the valley floor on the east end of Boise and provides an incredible tower location covering most of the treasure valley below. Table Rock is one of the areas favorite distinations and well known for the 60' lighted cross visible for miles accross the valley. BoiseWiFi says if you can see the cross from your location they can provide you with their ultra fast Internet service.

BoiseWiFi's pricing model is $4/Mb for business or residential customers.

So for 20Mbps down / 10Mbps up BoiseWiFi's price is $120 per month; for 50Mbs down / 20 Mbps up the price is $100 per month.
There is a $10/month equipment charge, $10/month static IP change and a $150-500 installation fee.

BoiseWiFi is now focused on business, education, enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, retail hotspots, public areas and public safety.

BoiseWiFi is not currently offering service to residential except upon special requests and for businesses who need access from home./span>
BoiseWiFi customers have access everywhere our network is available.

No contract. No bandwidth limits. Just great ultra fast high speed Internet access.

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Welcome to the BoiseWiFi Network.

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