Speedtests are one of the most effective ways to monitor the quality of your Internet service, as they establish a good reference.
Below are several speedtests you might want to use to test your current Internet speed. Note which city gives you the best results.
We look forward to providing you with the best Internet solution possible. Feel free to share your results with us.

  BoiseWiFi Test Click & Begin
BoiseWiFi Speedtest 
Speedtest.net Beta Change the host location to Boise or Seattle
Change host to Seattle
CenturyLink Speedtest Seattle
Click to Begin Test
Comcast Speedtest
Try Seattle, Portland
  Speakeasy Speedtest
Try Seattle, LA, Dallas
Fast.com This test provides a good overall Internet bandwidth average
Fast.com Speedtest 

Integra Speedtest Click and Select Portland or Salt Lake to Begin
Click to Begin Test
Drag the map to Seattle

We would love to see your results. Please email them to info@boisewifi.net
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